/Protesters claim bill discriminates against gay, transgender people

Protesters claim bill discriminates against gay, transgender people

The bill, for example, would allow a county clerk the right to refuse a marriage license to gay couples because of his religious beliefs. The House passed the bill. It protects certain “religious belief” that include marriage as the union of one man with one woman. Sexual relations are not allowed to be granted to gay couples. An individual’s “immutable biological sexual sex” can only be determined by an individual’s anatomy and genetics at birth. “We oppose this bill because it allows religion to become discriminatory,” stated Zakiya Summers (director of communications for ACLU). Summers stressed that the state can choose one set of beliefs to be preferred over another, and everyone suffers. Summers stated that discrimination against one group can be applied to anyone. They are people who have lost the ability to support their families because they would not have been able to get a job elsewhere. This is not a problem of gender identity or sexual orientation. It affects all Mississippians, which contributes to the state’s economy. The Human Rights Campaign’s Rob Hill stated that discrimination is bad for businesses. “In Mississippi, you can be fired from a job, denied housing and denied business services. With no title seven protections of sexual orientation or gender identity, this protects against discrimination from legal recourse.”