/Reach Higher’ is Obama theme

Reach Higher’ is Obama theme

As part of her Reach Higher initiative, First Lady Michelle Obama speaks to Jackson State University’s graduating students on Saturday. JSU will witness one of the last speeches Obama will make before she leaves the White House in January. There is a sense that her words will be remembered for many years. Former President Bill Clinton, former Education Secretary Rodney Page, and Arne Duncan were also memorable White House figures who addressed JSU, according to Alberta Yeboah (a Jackson State social science professor). Yeboah stated that Obama could have an even greater impact on JSU communities because she is the most powerful and popular woman in the world right now. Yeboah stated that Obama’s position as the first African American First Ladies… will have a tremendous impact on Jackson State University. One, 55,000 Mississippians will attend JSU’s graduation ceremony to hear the First Lady speak. Patti Waid spokeswoman for University of California Merced and said that Obama’s 2009 commencement speech at the university was an honor. Waid stated that it was UC Merced’s commencement ceremony for the first graduating class and Mrs. Obama’s first commencement speech as First Lady. “At that time, our campus was just four years old and the resulting media coverage was an unexpected side benefit in raising visibility of the university.” Obama used the occasion to highlight her childhood and obstacles she faced to success, as well as to encourage students to fight for social causes like economic inequality and human rights. Yeboah stated that she hopes Yeboah will share her views on how the state and city can be improved. Yeboah stated, “I hope she shares with us her thoughts on how the city and state can be better.”