/Relatives, communities step up to care for kids left behind in ICE raids

Relatives, communities step up to care for kids left behind in ICE raids

Pita cried as she spoke about Justin’s mother, Griselda Sals. Pita said, “She has not done anything wrong!” Pita has also a nephew who was taken into custody during the raid. She stated that she is overwhelmed by emotion when Salas’ 1-year old daughter tears up as she searches the house for her mother. Pita stated, “She’s just an infant.” Pita also takes care of Justin’s 3-year-old daughter and Salas’s daughter. Pita also helps Justin with homework and cooking. Salas was issued a $10,000 unsecured bond in September. The family now has to wait to see if Salas will be transferred from Madison to Louisiana to obtain an immigration bond. Authorities call this one of the most significant single-state immigration enforcement operations in history. 680 workers were held at multiple Mississippi food processing plants. This has affected many families and communities. Many are still in custody. Eric J. Shelton, a photojournalist, captured some of their stories in these photographs. Mississippi Today continues to cover the raids of August early. You can view the entire photo gallery here.