/Rep Foster rebuffs pressure, cash from GOP insiders to stay out of governor’s race

Rep Foster rebuffs pressure, cash from GOP insiders to stay out of governor’s race

According to Foster’s campaign sources, Foster was contacted by an operative who had strong connections to the Republican establishment of the state. He offered Foster a large amount of money to help him drop his rumored bid to become governor. Foster was promised $1 million by the caller if he ran to be a state senator. Foster declined.

Foster said he was under pressure from his party to withdraw from the race for governor. However, he declined to comment on specific details. “I am challenging an expected hierarchy. People have believed for a long while that this seat belonged to them, and I believe that the people should have the right to make that decision. Foster said that he wanted to make them choose after announcing his candidacy.

This choice is likely to be made over Lt. Governor. Tate Reeves’ $6 million campaign war chest makes him the front-runner for the 2019 race. However, he has yet officially announced his candidacy. Reeves’ inability to negotiate major policy proposals over seven years as lieutenant Governor and his obstinate leadership style have created divisions within his party. Public clashes between Gov. Public clashes with Gov. Phil Bryant and Speaker Philip Gunn have led to speculation that his legislative disputes could spill over into the 2019 cycle. This would allow Democrats to capitalize on discord. Foster, a new lawmaker who has little state recognition and financial support, told Mississippi Today that Foster is “coming from nowhere”. Foster said that he is not afraid to speak up against injustices. I can communicate with people. You might be surprised. People might be surprised.

Spokesperson Laura Hipp stated that Lieutenant Governor Reeves has won four statewide elections including two difficult primaries. He is confident that he will win the next primary due to his strong record of delivering conservative outcomes. “There were at most four people in the (gubernatorial primary) primary last time Mississippi had an open seat, so this year’s field could be wide. It’s wonderful to live in America.” Reeves did not discuss his 2019 plans publicly, but he stated earlier this year that if he worried about the next election cycle, he wouldn’t be capable of getting most of the things done. Reeves was elected to do a job. I was elected to promote conservative ideals. I was elected to serve as the watchdog for taxpayers. I was elected to represent the taxpayers of Mississippi in 2015. “X000D_So no, I don’t worry about the next election.”

Hernando Alderman Mike McClendon stated that Foster was “not part of any establishment” when he introduced him. Foster is his boss. A campaign poster covering the entire room described Foster as “Man of Faith”, Conservative Outsider, Farmer.”

Reeves’s financial and name recognition will increase his chances. Reeves’s financial and name recognition will help his chances.

Joe Morton, a Tippah County resident, said that “it turns me completely off.” He attended Tuesday’s event. Morton stated that Foster was not someone he knew personally, but that he had come to know him through Facebook. There, Foster’s posts about hunting and veterans are interspersed by rants about “socialism” and “anarchy.”

“(Foster) is not a politician. He is, he has been elected once. He’s still young. Morton stated that he wears jeans and isn’t looking to inherit the job from his opponent. This will likely work well in DeSoto County too. In 2016, a candidate running with an outsider name, President Trump, received 65 percent of the vote. DeSoto voters elected six new Republican House representatives in 2015 when Foster was elected. Four of these were unseated by the Republican primaries. Bill Kinkade (R-Byhalia), a local resident, retained his seat.

Foster started with a significant fundraising deficit. He plans to use social media to spread word about his campaign._x000D

“Money only goes so far. Foster stated that social media can be used to spread messages for free and inexpensive. Foster said that social media can be free if it is organic. If there are enough people who are open to change, then the message will spread faster with less resources.

Foster has many supporters, but even he admits that he is a long shot.

“He certainly has a chance–with whom his opponent may be. McClendon, a Hernando Alderman who introduced Foster Tuesday night, said that it would be fascinating to see how the dynamics play out. “Because there’s one leader and one who just got elected. It’s a true David and Goliath situation. Contributing: Adam Ganucheau