/Report SCOTUS will overturn Roe v Wade in Mississippi abortion case

Report SCOTUS will overturn Roe v Wade in Mississippi abortion case

It was widely expected that the Court would issue its opinion in June. Politico reported that the Court’s opinion on the case was leaked for the first time ever. The Court ruling, if adopted, would invalidate a precedent dating back to 1973. It would argue that the 7-2 decision of 1973, which was made in 1973, was “egregiously incorrect from the beginning.” Mississippi is among several states that have “trigger laws” that automatically ban abortion. There are few exceptions to this rule if Roe is overturned by the Court. According to the Washington, D.C.-based news agency, Alito was present at an initial vote after oral arguments in December. This alignment could change, as justices can make several rounds of revisions before issuing a final opinion. Politico reported that Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor are currently working on drafts of dissent opinions. According to Politico, Chief Justice John Roberts’ position, which has been more reluctant than his Republican appointees in order to reverse past abortion rulings, is not clear. This case is based on a 2018 Mississippi law that prohibited abortions after 15 weeks. The Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals struck down the law. It found that the law violated the right to abortion before fetal viability. Mississippi appealed the decision and the Supreme Court announced that it would hear the case by May 2021. Mississippians from both sides rallied in Jackson during oral arguments in December. The “Abortion Freedom Fighting Fighters” rally at Smith Park in downtown Jackson drew around 100 people. “Mississippi was always counted out. But today, we showed not only the Supreme Court, but also the governor — and we’ve demonstrated to people that we won’t let you all make decisions about our bodies,” Valencia Robinson, founder of Mississippi in Action, stated. “Women, pregnant people, nobody. Because if one is taken away, then you will start trying to take others away.” The “Pink House Defenders” stood guard outside the abortion clinic at center of the Supreme Court case. This was the only clinic like it in the state. They do this every day. Around 40 anti-abortion protesters were praying, their mouths covered with red tape with the words “Life.” Will you save it? Coleman Boyd, a frequent protester at the clinic, said that he would love it. Clarification 5/3/22 This leaked document is a draft opinion. The vote may change in the future.