/Reproductive health care at Mississippi universities

Reproductive health care at Mississippi universities

Nonprofit Mississippi News This summer’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe V. Wade will have an impact on a wide range of Mississippians, especially college students who are in high demand for reproductive health care. According to the Mississippi Department of Health data and the Guttmacher Institute, the majority of Mississippians seeking abortions in the state are women in their 20s. Although it is not clear how many Mississippi college students seek abortions in Mississippi, research has shown that the most common reasons for students to stop attending school are: pregnancy, care for their families, and insufficient child care access. Advocates and public health experts agree that universities and colleges should offer students holistic and inclusive reproductive care. If Roe is banned, this access will be even more critical. Mississippi Today conducted a survey of the eight state universities’ reproductive health services and sexual education resources. They reached out to the student health centers in the state and requested information from media relations. The University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University and University of Southern Mississippi offer the most on-campus reproductive services. They are generally more accessible than smaller schools that often refer students to nearby clinics. Although all eight universities offer condoms free of charge, only Jackson State University provides regular access to Plan B emergency contraception via appointments. This list will be revised. Lorman campus: 601-877-6460 662-846-4630 601-979-2260 662-325-6780 662- 329-7289 662-644-4865 662-915-7274 (students)
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