/Richard Bennett, lawmaker from the Coast, named House Education chairman

Richard Bennett, lawmaker from the Coast, named House Education chairman

Rep. Richard Bennett (R-Long Beach) will succeed former Rep. John Moore. Bennett will lead one of the most prominent legislative committees during a crucial time for education policymaking in the state. Moore resigned in December after being accused of sexual harassment. The post is still open. Bennett, who served as chairman of the House Gaming Committee for the past 10 years, has been in the Legislature since 2005. Bennett was part of Gunn’s inner circle and led last year a task force that examined the potential effects of a lottery on the state, if it were to be enacted. “Rep. Gunn stated that Bennett was a veteran legislator and a former member of a school board after Friday’s House adjournment. He demonstrated a great deal of knowledge and an interest in education. He was also supported by many House members.” Rep. Casey Eure (R-Saucier) will replace Bennett on the Gaming Committee. According to Bennett’s official legislative bio page, he attended Gulf Coast Junior College as well as the University of Southern Mississippi. DuPont employs Bennett as a retired employee. According to legislative leaders, education will be a major issue again this session. Gunn and Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves suggested that a possible rewrite to the Mississippi Adequate Education Formula (which is how public schools get funded) could be done this year. There are many education bills that await consideration in the House of Representatives and Senate. The House also has new chairmanships for Interstate Cooperation: Rep. Tracy Arnold (R-Booneville Marine Resources): Rep. Timmy Lairdner (R-Poplarville Ports Harbors and Airports): Rep. Jeffrey Guice (R-Ocean Springs State Library). Rep. Greg Haney (R-Gulfport Gunn) named Rep. Randy Boyd and Rep. Steve Massengill (R- Hickory Flat), and Rep. Manly Barrton, R–Mos Point) to the House Approcura House Approgram. Rep. Gregory Holloway (D-Hazelhurst) and Rep. Rob Roberson (R-Starkville) were elected to the Ways and Means Committee. To support this important work, you can make a regular donation to the Ways and Means Committee today. Our reporters give a human face to policy’s impact on everyday Mississippians by listening more closely and understanding their communities. To ensure that our work is aligned with the priorities and needs of Mississippians, we are listening to you. Click the button below to let us know what you think. Republish this Story You can republish our articles online or in print for free under a Creative Commons licence.