/Sen Clarke, powerful money committee chairman, announces state treasurer bid

Sen Clarke, powerful money committee chairman, announces state treasurer bid

Clarke was first elected to the state Senate back in 2003. Since 2012, he has been the head of the powerful state spending committee. Clarke told the dozen supporters at the Capitol that Clarke has been the head of the powerful committee that oversees state spending since 2012. Clarke said that he has dealt with complex, large corporations throughout the state over the past 40 years. He also worked with the most basic, W-2 taxpayers. Clarke is a key architect of the state’s budget, even through the ups and downs that followed the Great Recession. Clarke, a self-described “die-hard conservative,” created a plan in 2016 to transfer special funds to the general fund. This helped balance the budget following a lackluster fiscal year. Critics claimed that Clarke’s move to take special funds, which were previously allocated for specific programs, was a ruse to conceal the severe cuts made to certain agencies. Clarke was also the one who led the charge to cut the budgets of most state agencies’ general funds in the last few fiscal years, as revenue collections have declined. This move was supported by Republican leaders including Lt. Governor. On the campaign trail, Speaker Philip Gunn and Tate Reeves praised Clarke. Clarke stated Wednesday in a press release that Mississippi’s government holds us back because it taxes and spends excessively. “Mississippians can succeed when we allow more of what we earn in new jobs, opportunity and investment,” Clarke said in a Wednesday press release. Lynn Fitch, the current treasurer, is running for attorney-general. She is a Republican who was first elected in 2011. Only one person has announced that they are running for the office of state treasurer. David McRae (a Madison County attorney) announced his candidacy earlier in the year. McRae was defeated by Fitch in 2015’s Republican primary. After serving one term, Sam Britton, Southern District Public Service Commissioner, is also likely to run for treasurer. March 1st is the deadline for candidates from across the state to apply. The general election will take place on November 5. Statewide primaries will be held in August. To support this important work, you can make a regular donation to us today as part of the Spring Member Drive.