/State’s Chief Justice William L Waller stepping down

State’s Chief Justice William L Waller stepping down

Waller, aged 66, is the chief justice of the nine court members. He has been in that position since January 2009. The state law states that the chief justice of the nine member courts with the longest tenure is the one who assumes the position of chief justice. This includes not only presidering over the Supreme Court, but also acting as the head for the entire state judiciary. Southern District Justice Michael Randolph, Hattiesburg, will become the longest-serving justice when Waller is retired. Waller’s term will not expire until January 2022. Gov. Phil Bryant will nominate someone to finish Waller’s eight-year term. Waller’s term will expire in 2022. However, Waller’s position is one of only two on the court where an election to fill the vacant seat takes place more than a full year before term ends. In November 2020, Waller’s Central District post will be up for election. Waller, of Jackson, said that it was his greatest privilege to be elected as a Justice of the Supreme Court justice and serve as Chief Justice of Mississippi. There was speculation in the 2000s that Waller would resign to run for governor. His father was governor during the 1970s. Waller did not indicate that he may seek another office. However, he stated that he would still be active as a senior-status judge and would be available for hearing cases. He also said that he would continue to participate in efforts to improve justice access. Waller also stated in the news release that he would love to teach law school classes, as he did in the past. Waller was a strong advocate for drug courts and the online posting of court records. Waller was a proponent of drug courts and online court records. He also played a key role in many pieces of legislation that have impacted the judiciary in recent years.