/Statewide shelter-in-place order ‘We believe this is the right tool at the right time to save lives’

Statewide shelter-in-place order ‘We believe this is the right tool at the right time to save lives’

In a nearly vacant state office building, he held a news conference for 90 minutes and signed an order requiring that all residents of the state stay at home until April 20, except when they are going to purchase groceries or essential services. The order will close parks, but people will still be able to exercise on the trails provided they don’t gather in large groups or stay less than 6 feet apart. Reeves stated that he started consulting with state Health Care Officer Thomas Dobbs Tuesday night to determine if the state order should be put in place. This order follows Tuesday’s similar order in place for Lauderdale County, east Mississippi. Dobbs was present at the news conference and said that Reeves’ executive orders will allow public health officials to prepare for the peak in coronavirus cases in the state – possibly later in the month. This will also give them the time to continue their aggressive strategy of quarantining all those infected as well as those who have been exposed. Dobbs stated that the state’s current number of ventilators and intensive care beds is adequate. However, he said that “we know we’ll have more coronavirus patients and more deaths.” Dobbs also said that the concern about resources, hospital capacity, and ventilators was not for today. It’s the next week and next.” Wednesday morning, the state Department of Health reported 1,073 coronavirus cases and 22 deaths. Dobbs and Reeves both said that infections in nursing homes are becoming a greater problem. Reeves had previously ordered that people should not gather in groups of more than 10 people, but such gatherings were still occurring at weddings, funerals, and among recreation-related activities. Reeves stated Wednesday that the executive order would be enforced by state and local law enforcement. However, he indicated that he expects people to be asked for dispersal rather than being arrested immediately. Reeves stated that he had informed Philip Gunn, the House Speaker, and Lt. Governor. Delbert Hosemann was informed of his decision earlier in day. Gunn attended the news conference to show support. Hosemann released a statement saying, “We must heed and support Gov. Reeves has placed an executive order for shelter until April 20. Reeves was criticised for not agreeing to earlier shelter-in-place orders. Ray Mabus, ex-Gov. Secretary of Navy, was one of those who criticised Reeves’ hesitation. Reeves stated that the executive order would not affect the lives of “75 to 80 percent” the population. According to previous orders and recommendations, they are already essentially sheltering at their homes. Grocery shops and pharmacies will continue to be open. Restaurants can still offer delivery and take-out services. Reeves was questioned several times about the impact of the order on various activities. The order would effectively close department and clothing stores, as well as theaters, gyms and parks, lakes, and other bodies, amusement parks and museums. Reeves admitted that it is possible for businesses to remain open in certain cases. Reeves, for example, said that he can see situations where construction work should be continued, and others when it shouldn’t. Reeves said that stores that sell computers and phones can be considered vital, especially since many schools, universities and colleges now rely on online learning. Reeves stated that if someone had to ask whether their business was vital, it would probably be not. Dobbs stated that additional guidance would be provided on daycare facilities._x000D