/This was Cam’s performance for the ages

This was Cam’s performance for the ages

STARKVILLE — We have had Jake, Archie, and Bruiser in Mississippi, a place of football legends. Walter, Jerry, Brett, and Jerry are just a few of the many names we have. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know their last names. We already know the names of these people. When you hear the first name, you already know. Now… We have Cam. Cam Akers’ Friday night performance in the 49-35 Clinton win was a highlight of his Clinton Arrows career. Akers, who was playing against a determined and usually stingy Pearl defense, was a highlight of Akers’ human performance. He displayed speed, power and an arm that is simply amazing. Akers stated that they wanted to make history tonight. He was especially proud of what they did. Clinton was the school’s first ever state champion. This performance will be remembered for many decades. Cam ran for 96 yards with three touchdowns, and threw for another score of 178 yards. This was the first half. Cam was just starting to get going and ready to shift into high gear. Cam had run 217 yards and passed 228 yards by the end of the game. He was responsible for seven touchdowns: five running, two passing. That’s right. That’s right. He scored 42 points against a Pearl defense which had allowed 22 in the previous playoff games. Cam Akers was the pass defender when a fourth down Pearl pass fell to the ground with 24 seconds remaining, sealing the win. His speed, power, or arm are the most impressive aspects of his performance. He ran to his right and flicked his wrist. The resulting pass, which was a perfect spiral throw, hit Jordan Patton in his hands for a 46 yard touchdown. It made it 28-14 Clinton. Akers ran 65 yards down the right sideline to score a touchdown in the third quarter. He was trailed by three Pirates defense backs, who couldn’t gain any ground. An observer from Pearl said that the three pursuers were three quarters of Pearl’s state championship four-x 100-meter relay team. John Perry, Pearl coach, said that “we couldn’t get him down.” He’s the most outstanding player in Mississippi history. “He’s probably the best player I’ve ever seen.” Chase Carmody is the Pearl defensive coordinator. He is the grandson of Jim “Big Nasty”, a Hall of Fame football coach. “We couldn’t catch him and when he did, he ran through us.” Sometimes, Pearl’s defenders bounced off the strong Akers like bowling pins. Perry stated that Perry was “the difference in the game.” Perry said, “He was the difference in every single game he played.” Akers can run around or over you. He often does both. Jud Boswell, Clinton coach, said that Cam will make his decision and no one can stop him. He had made his decision tonight. He was not being stopped by anyone tonight,” Akers, who is a five-star recruit because they don’t give six or seven to recruits, thanked his offensive linemen as well as his receivers. Akers clutched the state championship trophy and said, “Big thanks to you.” “This was possible because of my teammates,” said Akers. He was responsible for 445 yards of Clinton’s 525. He was then asked, “Was the last game your greatest ever?” “I have never had one of these before,” Akers replied, lifting the championship trophy. He wasn’t perfect. Pearl’s Willie Brown III, a second-quarter touchdown run, crossed the goalline and carried Akers along with him. Brown will be able to tell his children twenty years later about the touchdown that he scored by carrying Cam into the endzone. Mississippi Today’s sports columnist is Rick Cleveland. Check out his columns as well as his Sports Daily blog. Reach Rick at rcleveland@mississippitoday.org.