/Thousands surround the Capitol in prayer

Thousands surround the Capitol in prayer

The polls for the presidential election opened in less than 24 hours. Many participants said that their nerves about the outcome inspired them to board buses or ride in carpools to get to the state Capitol to pray. No one mentioned Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Mississippi Baptists Convention Board, and First Baptist Church of Jackson had requested that the event’s focus be on prayers, rather than politics. However, for many, the focus of their prayers was clear. “We have to restore Christian values in the White House. Wilbur McCurdy, New Liberty Baptist Church in Morton, stated that gays and lesbians should be denied the right to marry…and abortion. Betty McCurdy is the wife of Wilbur. “Liberals are trying push Christian values back.” Gov. Phil Bryant spoke to the crowd at First Baptist Church across from him and even tried the “wink-nod” method of discussing politics. Although he was a well-known surrogate of Donald Trump over the last few months, he didn’t endorse any particular candidate. Bryant stated, “So tomorrow will become a time for choosing for this country.” It will be Election Day. We will all go to the polls and make our voices heard in the most important process this country has ever seen. I will ask that you vote. “I’m going to be careful, I won’t tell you who.” The audience cheered and laughed. Bryant stated, “But I will make sure here that you vote for the unborn.” The audience cheered and applauded Bryant as he spoke. Some rally participants expressed hope that America would return to its former path. Participants said that they were optimistic that Tuesday’s election would be reshaped by the day of prayer. Bruce Chamberlain, who was traveling from Brookhaven to meet his wife Shirley, said, “Oh yes, absolutely.” “Where God is in it,” he said.