/Trying to Reason with COVID-19 Season Blog 7

Trying to Reason with COVID-19 Season Blog 7

March 20, 2020. Thank you, God! Is it Friday? This year has been the longest. This blog will not be long. Just wanted to check in to see how you are doing. Many of you have had a difficult week. Each day this week, you have been greeted with news you never thought possible. Every. Single. Day. It is now personal. Many of you have lost jobs. Many businesses are closing and you have to make sacrifices. Some of you may be at home, and I can speak for myself. The walls are closing in. A good friend reminded me of something last night. I believe you should hear it too. This is the right time to put your mind to work to resolve the issue. All of this suffering is temporary.. both mentally and physically. Accept that it is normal and understandable to feel discouraged. But let it go. There is still work to be done! Amen. Let’s move on, help others, flatten the curve, and create this new abnormal normal together. Here’s a smile-inducing cartoon: You can follow Mississippi Today’s COVID-19 coverage right here.