/Vitter inspects Ole Miss ROTC units

Vitter inspects Ole Miss ROTC units

According to an Ole Miss press release, the annual Pass in Review ceremony at the Circle in front the Lyceum Building featured a keynote address by Vitter, who was elected chancellor in January. Vitter stated, “It’s an honor to stand here today amongst heroes, our students that have put aside personal interest for the sake if serving something greater than themselves.” “The University of Mississippi’s ROTC programs and their proud history of service to the university, state, and nation is a proud legacy. Vitter thanked the veterans who responded to the nation’s call during a time of crisis and he applauded you, cadets as well as midshipmen. The military Pass in Review is used primarily during ceremonies of change-of-command, which are formal events that bring together large numbers of troops and parades. Lt. Col. E. Scott Walton was the UM chair and professor in military science and education. The formation marched past the reviewing stand, where VIPs and senior officers or dignitaries were seated. According to the university’s press release, * Army ROTC has commissioned 1,740 officer since its inception at Ole Miss (in 1936). There are 80 Hall of Fame inductees to the Army ROTC program, 15 of which are general officers. Sam Kendricks, 2nd Lieutenant and 2016 Olympics bronze medalist, and U.S. Trent Kelly (R.-Miss.) is another key alumni. * Since its inception, about 400 midshipmen have been commissioned by the university’s Navy/Marines ROTC unit. U.S. Senator Thad Cochran (R.Miss.) are among the distinguished members. Rear Adm., former Commander of Navy Personnel Command Edward Masso and U.S. Secretary of the Navy and former Mississippi Governor. Ray Mabus. * More than 375 Air Force ROTC graduates have been commissioned. Lt. Gen. James E. Sherrard III is a retired commander of Air Force Reserve Command, chief of Air Force Reserve, and Gen. Paul V. Hester, a retired commander of Pacific Air Force Command, are among the distinguished graduates. To support this important work, you can make a regular donation to us today as part of the Spring Member Drive.