/Waller, GOP guv hopeful and ex-chief justice, cites ‘common sense’ in also not meeting with women alone

Waller, GOP guv hopeful and ex-chief justice, cites ‘common sense’ in also not meeting with women alone

Former Chief Justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court, Bill Waller Jr., said Monday that he wouldn’t be alone with a woman other than his wife in any personal or professional setting. It’s just common sense. In this day and age, appearances and transparency are important. People need to feel safe about what’s happening in government between employees. There are many social issues about this. Waller, 67 said that my goal was to make it less of an issue and allow everyone to be comfortable in the environment so we can continue our business.” Foster caused a national stir last week when he refused to ride along with this reporter on the campaign trail unless he brought along a male colleague. Mississippi Today published a story calling this request sexist. Foster spoke out about the “Billy Graham rule” in interviews and statements after the article was published. It states that a man can’t be married to a woman with whom he doesn’t live, even if it is professional. Waller’s Monday position clarifies the campaign’s response last week. When asked if Waller would make the same decision Foster’s campaign made in preventing a female reporter from travelling with the candidate, the campaign replied: “We have an ongoing policy that a campaign worker always staffs the candidate during interactions, so it’s not an issue.” Waller also stated that in his 22-year tenure on the state Supreme Court, Waller was never alone with any of his female counterparts, such as female clerks and fellow state Supreme Court Justice Dawn Beam. “Perhaps temporarily, but I don’t recall a long conference. Waller spoke of Justice Beam and said that they had a professional relationship. Waller said, “I tried (always had someone else present)”. Waller stated that if he met with a clerk, he met with his clerks (together).” Waller did not ask for a female colleague to assist him. Mississippi Today asked Republican Lt. Governor, Tate Reeves, if he would allow a woman to take control of his situation. His campaign replied: “Provided they are fair to our campaign, we treat all journalists the same.” Tate Reeves is running for governor and considered the frontrunner. His campaign responded: “Provided they’re fair to our campaign. We treat all journalists the exact same.” However, the campaign didn’t immediately respond to a follow up request asking whether Reeves followed the Billy Graham rule. Foster, who is considered an underdog in the Republican nomination race, is running to his right to appeal to tea party conservatives. Foster is well-known for his incendiary social commentary. He also supports the state flag which has a Confederate battle emblem. Many conservatives supported Foster’s position after he publicly supported the Billy Graham rule. Foster has included his views into fundraising emails as well as merchandise. It is not certain that Waller’s supporters will respond the same. Waller has been appealing to both conservatives as well as moderates since he announced his candidacy in February. He advocated for policies such increasing teacher pay and accepting federal funding to expand Medicaid. Hood stated that he doesn’t follow the Billy Graham rule. Hood stated that he would not be able to perform his job if he couldn’t meet alone with women to discuss important issues to them and Mississippi. Women will play an important part in my administration as Governor. I will work to pass equal pay laws for women, continue to fight domestic abuse against women, and offer economic opportunities for women in industry and business. Hood stated in an email statement that Hood would do all of these things while meeting with women, alone or together, to hear their concerns and advocate for their cause.