/Washington Post ESPN apologizes for playing ‘Dixie’ during playoff game

Washington Post ESPN apologizes for playing ‘Dixie’ during playoff game

The Washington Post reported Sunday that ESPN apologized after using “Dixie” in a graphic regarding the pass protection of Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. According to reports, the network blamed a staff member for the use of the song, which is often associated with pro-Confederacy sentiments. This graphic was displayed during Saturday’s Colts -Texans playoff game in which Luck led Indianapolis 21-7. The popular Twitter account “Capt. Andrew Luck, a popular Twitter account that portrays the quarterback as a Civil War officer, was seen by ESPN attempting to make the joke about Andrew Luck. The Colts star dodged cannon balls while wearing Union military attire. It was a mistake to use that song. In a statement to Michael McCarthy, ESPN’s Josh Krulewitz stated that they regret the decision and apologized. The Washington Post article contains background information and more. The University of Mississippi decided in 2016 to stop playing the song “Dixie” during sporting events. Ole Miss’s athletics director Ross Bjork told Adam Ganucheau that “Dixie” is dead in 2016. He said that ending the 70-year-old tradition was “the right thing.”