/Who would have believed it Ole Miss’s Coach Zero becomes LSU’s stable genius

Who would have believed it Ole Miss’s Coach Zero becomes LSU’s stable genius

It is possible that you may recall the game being played on the day following Thanksgiving. It was Black Friday for Orgeron. Ole Miss was leading 14-0 at the end of the fourth quarter after having defeated Sylvester Croom and his Bulldogs. Orgeron decided to take the first down when faced with fourth down and only one yard to go at midfield. The run was a complete success, waking up the home crowd and launching an inspired comeback. Orgeron was fired the next day. The Rebels won 10 games and lost 25 under Coach O in three seasons. They lost 3-21 to SEC teams and 3-24 to teams from BCS conferences. In those three seasons, Ole Miss lost only one game against a team with a winning record. Orgeron’s final Rebels were at the bottom of the SEC in scoring offense and scoring defense, turnover margins, rushing defenses, total defenses, time of possessions, red zone offenses, kickoff coverage, and scoring defense. You might be wondering what else they have. They were last in passing efficiency, rushing offense, field goals, field goals, and allowing third down conversions. The 2007 Rebels were also the only SEC team that finished the season without a conference win. Now, let’s not forget that we are back at Nov. 25, 2007 and this is all just happened. Imagine that you’re walking down the street when suddenly you hear a deep, clear voice. It sounds almost like God is speaking to you. This voice says to you: “In twelve years, Ed Orgeron is going to be LSU’s head football coach. His Tigers will be unbeaten and ranked No. He will be the leading candidate not only for the SEC Coaches of the Year, but also the National Coaches of the Year. You will react to Coach O’s Bayou Bengals’ 46-41 win over Nick Saban’s undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide. Let me tell you my reaction. I may have believed that I was the controversial, wild-haired real estate mogul who was starring on “The Apprentice.” How can you explain this? How can someone who has failed at one job in Southeastern Conference be so successful at another? While I will try to explain the unexplainable, Orgeron is the first to be mentioned. He admitted that he made mistakes at Ole Miss. He clearly learned from his mistakes. He’s done an admirable job at LSU. He has proven me wrong, as I didn’t expect this. He would be a great recruiter for LSU, and I was sure of that. He is a Red Bull-fueled recruiter and speaks Cajun Country. He was just not capable of performing all the duties that a coach should perform. He was not destined to become a successful CEO, which I doubted. I was wrong. Boy was I wrong. Although I do not know the end of this at LSU, Orgeron has already achieved far more than I could have ever imagined. How? It is obvious that Coach O is a better fit at LSU than at Ole Miss. It takes more than just knowing the language to be successful anywhere, even LSU. Knute Rockne to John Vaught to Bear Bryant and Nick Saban were all great head coaches. They then surrounded themselves with the best coaches possible and let them coach. At Ole Miss, Orgeron didn’t do that. Orgeron micro-managed everything at Ole Miss with the same touch as a bull in a china shop. It didn’t work. He has hired outstanding coaches at LSU. LSU is paying them well, and Orgeron is letting them be coaches. The defense is coached by Dave Aranda, a highly respected coach who is paid more than a head coach. Steve Ensminger serves as the offensive coordinator. Joe Brady, 30, was brought in by Orgeron from the New Orleans Saints to improve the Tigers’ passing game. What was the result? The result? Orgeron pushes all the right buttons. His Ole Miss players were often pushed beyond their limits by Orgeron. He has helped make practices more efficient and shorter at LSU. He has not held any scrimmages in Baton Rouge during weather delays. His players work hard for him. They clearly love playing for him. Overall, Orgeron has been a remarkable head coach and has transformed the LSU Tigers. Although it would be impossible to believe, I have seen it firsthand._x000D