/Wow, this is fascinating’ Yoknapatawpha Arts Council wins Governor’s Award

Wow, this is fascinating’ Yoknapatawpha Arts Council wins Governor’s Award

Wayne Andrews is the man behind the scenes. He shares a small office with five full-time and part time YAC staffers. Andrews and his wife were not originally from Oxford when he began his role in YAC executive directors nine years ago. However, they are familiar with the area. Andrews hails from the Northeast. His wife, a native Mississippian, is a University of Mississippi graduate and both of their children attended Ole Miss at that time. They jumped at the chance to get a job in Oxford. Andrews stated, “I don’t know if they thought that I was the best fit, but it’s worked out well. I’m happy here.” “I believe the board and community are very satisfied with the efforts we’ve made to make the arts council a vibrant and exciting community resource.” It seems so. The Yoknapatawpha Arts Council is named after William Faulkner’s fictional country. It has 670 members and was founded in 1975. On Thursday, the Mississippi Arts Commission will present the 2018 Arts in the Community Governor’s Arts Award to the council. A reception will begin at 4:30 p.m., followed by an awards ceremony at 6. Patterson, Community Arts leader. Andrews stated that the Arts in the Community Award recognizes the hard work of the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council and the support it has received over the past 42 years. Andrews stated that he was excited to receive the award but that it wasn’t work that he did. Andrews said, “It’s work we’ve built year after year upon year through consistency.” He chuckles when asked, “What’s your favorite thing YAC do?” It’s difficult to pick, he admits, as YAC hosted 320 programs last year. The complete calendar also includes annual events such as Miss-I-Sippin’, the Oxford Fiber Arts Festival and the Art-er Limits Fringe Festival. Other art groups partner with the council to organize monthly art crawls to museums and pit stops around the city. The possibilities for YAC-organized programs are endless. There are many programs that YAC organizes, including the Small Hall Concert Series and Creative Art Classes, Art Vending Machine, Oxford Maker’s Market, OxFilm Society, OxFilm Society, OxFilm Society, OxFilm Society, OxFilm Society, OxFilm Club, OxFilm Society, OxFilm Society, OxFilm Society, OxFilm Society, OxFilm Association, OxFilm Society, OxFilm Society, OxFilm Society, such as well as well as well as well-organized programs. The Old Armory Pavilion has been given to YAC by Oxford over the past year. This will allow for more outdoor activities. Andrews stated that art is a great way to showcase the state’s achievements because it breaks down stereotypes and gives voice to diversity, and creates connections through stories. Andrews stated that it is not dangerous to experience the story of someone else, whether through song, play, or book. It helps you understand and empathize. It makes you realize, “Wow, this really is fascinating,” whether it’s an idea, thought, or experience. It’s a great way for our state to stand out.” Oxford County and Lafayette County are creative places for all artistic outlets. They have a flagship university and a well-respected bookstore (Square Books), as well as a variety of restaurants. He said that Oxford is a fortunate town that has built a reputation for giving voice to creative things and that YAC is a strong, cohesive organization that focuses its efforts on that. These musicians were not discovered by us. Andrews stated that they are talented and already exist. We didn’t find these writers or painters. “We’re only giving resources and organizing these events to help people come together, celebrate those skills.” The state’s people are paying attention. Richard Patrick and Austin Evans, co-founders of Cathead Vodka, donate $1 from every bottle sold to YAC. Andrews’ enthusiasm, the fact that the council offers a platform for local artists and the way the organization challenges them to find their creative side are the reasons they chose YAC. Patrick stated that the distillery is liquid folk art. Therefore, it’s important to support businesses and foundations that are aligned with our efforts in supporting the arts community. “YAC supports and cares deeply for engaging in local arts; therefore they are vitally important to the local art community.” Richard Howorth, Square Books co-owner, was the mayor of Oxford at the time Andrews became YAC’s executive director. Andrews’ leadership has made YAC more programmatically active, Howorth said. Howorth stated that Andrews is open to new ideas, making the community more responsive and involved in the arts activities._x000D