/A rare bird P-63F Kingcobra

A rare bird P-63F Kingcobra

This World War 2 fighter plane is known as the P-63F Kingcobra. This is one of only two F models that were built. The other prototype was lost in a crash. It is also one of three Kingcobras that are still in service in the United States. This makes it a rare aircraft. It is insured for a substantial sum. It has a 37mm cannon at the nose and two machine guns of 50 caliber. Kingcobra was not used in combat by the U.S., but it was purchased and flown by Soviets who were able to use it to defeat German tanks. This aircraft is amazing. John Mosley, Clinton Body Shop, repainted the aircraft. #ww2 #aviation #kingcobra#USArmyAirForce