/Andy Kennedy would be a slam dunk on TV

Andy Kennedy would be a slam dunk on TV

No, I would do what AK does so beautifully, which is talk, analyze a sports sport, and be quick, smart, intelligent, glib, and intelligent. And get handsomely paid for it. Kennedy would be a great TV basketball commentator. Kennedy would be a great caller on the court and in the studio. He could even do stand-up comedy, if he wanted. His 12 years as Ole Miss’ coach were fast-paced and entertaining. His post-game press conferences were often even more entertaining. He is often referred to by sports writers as a quote-machine. Kennedy demonstrated many reasons why he is so successful in the television business at the Monday afternoon live-streamed press conference. When asked if he was interested in TV announcing he replied that he wasn’t certain and said, “I have an face for radio.” But it was more than humor. He was direct. He was direct. He was clear. He was intelligent. Kennedy stated, “I consider myself truly blessed to have had the opportunity to serve as a head coach for the Southeastern Conference in my state for 12 years.” This is something I have seen as a blessing. It is also a time to find a new voice, a new vision and direction for the program.” He spoke from his heart without any notes. If I was ESPN, the SEC Network or CBS (or anyone else who broadcasts college basketball), I would hire him in a flash. This is how great I believe he would be. What amount of money could he make. Not sure. He probably wouldn’t make the same amount as he did as a SEC basketball coach at first. ESPN, the industry’s driving force, has also lost millions of subscribers and generated less revenue. According to published reports, Jay Bilas earns about $2 million per year while Dick Vitale earns $3 million. Both have been doing this for a while, and Kennedy could be just as good and even better than the former. Let’s not forget that Ole Miss will pay AK approximately $2 million per year for the next two-years — nothing. Athletic director Ross Bjork stated Monday that he would honor Kennedy’s contract. He praised Kennedy for changing the culture and mindset of Ole Miss basketball. However, this does not mean Kennedy can stop coaching if he chooses. Kennedy is respected throughout the country and the league. Kennedy often stated, “You’re what your numbers tell you.” Kennedy is the winningest Ole Miss basketball coach with 245 wins over 12 seasons. There are still games to play in that 12th year. Respect is earned when you average more than 20 wins per season over 12 seasons at Ole Miss. Since AK was a Louisville High hotshot jump shooter, I have been watching him. He was a cocky teen who didn’t believe he could make a shot. Respect? Respect?