/Bill Waller Jr, Bio

Bill Waller Jr, Bio

Waller is the son and former governor of Mississippi. William “Bill” Waller Sr., and Carroll Waller were the former first ladies of Mississippi. Waller was a judge on many high-profile cases during his time at the Mississippi Supreme Court. The 2017 lawsuit filed against the state by the former governor included these. Ronnie Musgrove made the unanimous decision that no state legislature was required to fully finance the Mississippi Adequate Education Program. Another decision was the 2012 one that confirmed the governor’s sole authority for issuing pardons. Waller voted against the case. It was filed by Attorney General Jim Hood, after former Governor. During his final days as governor, Haley Barbour pardoned nearly 200 felons. Waller was a Jackson-based lawyer who served as a municipal judge and had been practicing law in Jackson for more than 20 years before he was elected to the Mississippi Supreme Court. Waller was also a commander in the 66th Troop Command of the Mississippi Army National Guard, earning the rank of brigadier-general. Waller graduated in 1970 from Murrah High School and in 1974 from Mississippi State University. In 1977, he received his law degree at the University of Mississippi. He and Charlotte have three children and two grandkids and are members at First Baptist Church Jackson. Mississippi Today has more coverage on Bill Waller Jr. Get our #MSElex Voter Guide.