/Mississippi congressmen react to guilt of Trump associates Manafort, Cohen

Mississippi congressmen react to guilt of Trump associates Manafort, Cohen

A Virginia jury found Paul Manafort (the former campaign chairman of President Trump) guilty of tax fraud and bank fraud. Separately, Michael Cohen, a long-time lawyer and fixer for Trump pleaded guilty to tax evasion and falsifying submissions at a bank. The Mississippi congressional delegation is made up of five U.S. House Republicans and Senate Republicans who support Trump’s agenda. Mississippi’s only Democrat on Capitol Hill is a vocal critic. Mississippi Today asked each Mississippi member of Congress to respond to these developments. As we receive additional responses, we will update this story. U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, Republican Nothing has changed my support for the President’s agenda which is putting our nation back on the right path.” U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde Smith, Republican via Chris Gallegos. “Senator Hyde Smith remains focused on fulfilling her responsibilities as a United States senator and representing the peoples of Mississippi. She supports President Trump’s agenda. Yesterday’s legal proceedings did not involve collusion with Russia. The Senator wishes the special prosecutors inquiry is completed as soon as possible.” U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson Democrat, “The Cohen and Manafort verdicts are more evidence that Trump and his government are corrupt,” Thompson stated. My office has received many calls asking that Congress work to impeach Trump since he was elected. The District’s constituents are continuing to plead for Trump’s impeachment, despite yesterday’s verdict. As the unravelling continues, Mississippians and Americans are discovering how corrupt this White House is.” U.S. Rep. Gregg Harper (retiring), Republican. Harper stated that “Yesterday’s legal proceedings did not alter my strong support of President Trump’s agenda.” I am impressed by his Supreme Court nominations and his partnership with Congress to improve our economy, restore safety and revitalize our military. We are creating a safer and more secure America together.” U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo. Republican “Mueller” continues his investigation after he spent millions of taxpayer money. There have been no evidence of Russian collusion. This witch hunt must end. ”
I continue to support President Trump’s efforts to create pro-America policies that will benefit American families, businesses, and individuals throughout the country.”