/Bolivar County considers removing Confederate monument

Bolivar County considers removing Confederate monument

The board authorized their attorney to investigate the legal issues necessary to remove the monument during Monday’s regular board meeting. Larry King, President of the Board of Supervisors stated that they want to conduct everything legally and respectfully. Jacorius Liner, District One Supervisor, agreed to take this step. Liner stated that he was fully in agreement with the attorney who is looking into what legal steps can be taken to remove it from county property. “We don’t want 400 years of slavery, bondage, bigotry, bigotry, and apartheid to be represented in this county.” Liner said, “Hopefully, it will be possible to peacefully and respectfully remove [the Confederate Monument] from the courthouse lawn.” Bolivar County took steps to remove Confederate icons from government buildings in recent history. In 2017, the Cleveland Board of Aldermen approved the removal of the state flag from the city hall. As protests rage across the country, this decision was taken in the face of widespread outrage. Legislative leaders started taking steps to change Mississippi’s flag last week. It was the only one in the country that carries a Confederate emblem. The Hattiesburg American reported that the Forrest County Board of Supervisors voted Monday to put the issue on the ballot. They will let the voters decide whether or not to move the Confederate monument in front of the county courthouse. The board of trustees of Institutions of Higher Learning will approve and consider a plan to relocate the Confederate monument at University of Mississippi on Thursday. Will Hooker, Bolivar County Administrator, said that the supervisors will determine the next steps in removing the monument after the attorney has presented his findings at their next meeting on July 6.