/Bryant orders 83 bridges closed in emergency declaration

Bryant orders 83 bridges closed in emergency declaration

This announcement comes nearly a week after U.S. Department of Transportation informed the state that the Federal Highway Administration was concerned that bridges that remain open pose an unacceptable safety risk and that it requires immediate federal, state, and local action. Bridges that will be closed are in Amite and Carroll, Clarke. Greene. Hinds. Humphreys. Itawamba. Jasper. Jones. Lauderdale. Leake. Lincoln. Newton. Pike. Smith. Wayne counties. The Mississippi Office of State Aid Road Construction published a list of all 83 bridges along with their locations. Jason Scott, a spokesperson for the Mississippi Department of Transportation, stated Tuesday that the department doesn’t have any immediate information about the implications of the proclamation on MDOT. Scott stated that they are only hearing about the executive order. Bryant was notified by the Federal Highway Administration that 378 bridges should be closed immediately in a April 5 letter. These bridges were derived from an action plan that was created by MDOT, administration and the Office of State Aid Road Construction in March 2017. It addressed compliance issues with National Bridge Inspection Standards regarding the inspection and closure of unsafe bridges. Bryant ordered these bridges to be closed until they comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. According to the statement, the proclamation will apply to any other bridges that are deemed unsafe in the future. Governor Bryant stated that these bridges were unsafe for the traveling public. Bryant released a statement. Bryant stated in a statement.