/Can Longo’s offense work in SEC It has

Can Longo’s offense work in SEC It has

Trust me, this is not because Longo hasn’t coached at the NCAA FCS level. Football coaching is all about relative. Yes, Longo, 46 years old, will call plays against more talented players in the SEC than the Southland Conference. He will however be running the plays with Ole Miss’s more talented players than he did at Sam Houston. The field measures 100 yards in length and 53.3 yards in width. The game lasts for 60 minutes. Belhaven’s Hal Mumme stated that they said the exact same thing about me after I moved from Valdosta State, Georgia to Kentucky. “They said that my stuff wouldn’t work in the SEC.” Mumme set school, SEC, and NCAA records for total offense and passing at Kentucky. His first season saw Kentucky defeat Alabama for the first-time in 75 years. Mumme was fired by Kentucky after his plays failed. Mumme stated that the same thing was said when Mike Leach quit me at Kentucky to become the offensive coordinator for Oklahoma. “Oklahoma was a running program with the wishbone, and the sports writers said that the Air Raid offense wouldn’t work in that conference. “Three Years later, Oklahoma won a national championship running the Air Raid.” Now almost everyone in the Big 12 uses a version of this Air Raid. Mumme stated that the offense’s geometry works at all levels. Although I don’t know Longo personally, I have heard many great things about his work at Sam (Houston). This is what I know. “I saw the Egg Bowl, and that young quarterback from Ole Miss is absolutely ideal to run our offense.” Mumme and Leach had worked with several coaches to improve the Air Raid offense they developed at Iowa Wesleyan. Longo at Sam Houston has added a more running game to the offense. Bruce Feldman’s story on FoxSports.com gives a deeper look at Longo’s tinkering. It is likely that Longo will make a great fit for Hugh Freeze or Ole Miss. There are already the quarterback and receivers who will run the offense. Defense is the bigger question. It says that defense is the bigger question.