/Child welfare system improving

Child welfare system improving

Sarah R. Glassman is an attorney representing A Better Childhood Inc. of Chappaqua. She said that “the ball is in the State’s court to deliver.” A Better Childhood Inc. was sued by the state following evidence of abuse and neglect to children under its care. “I am optimistic – I feel like the instructions have been clear.” U.S. District Judge Tom Lee signed Thursday’s second court order, instructing the state with the specifics to follow his 2008 mandate to fix the system. The new Department of Child Protective Services was given additional goals and more time to achieve them. They also had to hire additional staff to spend more quality time with foster children and their families. Dr. David Chandler, who was the first director of the agency, stated that his staff is still “checking off boxes” to fulfill Lee’s orders. The former justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court noted that “we have completed all the requirements as of today.” “We have some new tasks to accomplish.” The Mississippi Legislature approved $34million in this legislative session to create the new agency. It was created from the former Department of Human Services and other child service agencies. Governor. Phil Bryant appointed Chandler to the position and raised the cabinet level. He stated that the welfare of children in the state was his top priority. The six-page remedial orders issued by Lee Thursday set out specific goals and deadlines for the state. They mainly focus on reducing the number and families that each social worker is responsible for as well as hiring more staff. The order gives the state until July 15 to determine if it has fulfilled its obligations. Glassman stated that there is a clear plan of what the state must do. In 2004, the state was sued with a settlement reached in 2007.