/Chris Jans, five other new SEC coaches hired

Chris Jans, five other new SEC coaches hired

Answer: I don’t know. It simply means more. It does in a way tell you more, at least financially. It should. SEC schools including Mississippi State will pay millions of dollars in buyout money to coaches who are no longer their coach. They do this to hire new coaches and give them more money to succeed. New hoops coaches have been hired in every state, including Florida, Georgia and Missouri, LSU, Missouri, South Carolina, and Missouri. It is a sign that half of the league’s coaching jobs are now vacant. This also means these are hard jobs with high expectations. Al Davis said it best: “Just Win, Baby!” Davis coached basketball, not football, and he also coached in colleges, not pro teams. He said it all about SEC basketball. You can win! Win or you’ll be fired. Chris Jans, new coach at Mississippi State, has impressive credentials. Davis would say Jans won everywhere he went, including at New Mexico State. Jans’ New Mexico State teams won 122 games and lost only 32 of the five seasons. Three of these five teams reached the NCAA Tournament. This is a contrast to this: Mississippi State has been in the NCAA Tournament only once in 13 seasons. You can also look at Jans’ credentials in Starkville. Before Ben Howland was appointed State Coach, he was the winner of three awards. He had previously been named Coach of the Year in three conferences and had led two Pittsburgh teams to NCAA Sweet 16 before taking three UCLA teams to the Final Four. Howland’s teams won almost 70 percent of their games at UCLA and Pitt. Howland’s Mississippi State teams won 58%, 7 of 7, and made it to the NCAA Tournament. If COVID had not caused the cancellation of the postseason, Howland’s 2019-20 state team (20-11, 11-7), almost certain would have made it to the NCAA Tournament. Howland, who is always a gentleman in all of our dealings, is a proven winner. He has never lost a State season. He was able to do so much at State that he will continue his job for a eighth season. Jans, who appears to be a model for Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in Texas, was confident at Wednesday’s Starkville press conference. Jans looks very much like Cruz. I had to double-check that Jans was actually on the SEC Network and not CNN. Jans stated, “We’re going play with confidence.” Jans said, “When we get out of the tunnel we’re going to have a swagger around us. We’re going believe in each other.” We will play together. We won’t leave the ground without a chip in our shoulders. We won’t fear anyone. We will respect our opponents but we’re also going to be prepared and treat every match like the Super Bowl.” Jans’ current winning percentage of.765 is fourth among active coaches. This season, Mike Krzyzewski will be retiring. A reporter asked Jans how long it would take to make State a regular participant in the NCAA Tournament over the past 13 years. Jans did not hesitate to answer. Jans stated, “Our goal was to be in tournament next year.” “You won’t hear me talk about building a programme. It’s not possible to do it in this age of transferring and portals, and with the changing landscape of college basketball. Each year, you have to build a new team. This is what I have done most of my career, despite my junior college experience. This is a space I feel at home in. You can make a big difference in your life. This has been proven across the country. Your dreams can also crash and burn quickly. Similar press conferences were held at six SEC schools. Everyone wants to be in every year’s NCAA Tournament. Most years, more than half of the NCAA Tournament teams will fail. This will result in more multi-million dollar buyouts and more press conferences.