/Critical race theory in Mississippi, explained

Critical race theory in Mississippi, explained

Although CRT was initially designed for legal analysis purposes, its core roots can be traced back to the late 1900s and is led by prominent Black legal scholars. Although CRT was founded upon generations of Black activism and scholarship, Republican politicians continue to denounce the theory and mischaracterize it in an attempt to divide students and introduce racism into the classroom. Reeves spoke at the Neshoba County Fair last year, and said that “some of these Ivy League Liberals are the dumbest intelligent people in the world.” It is not acceptable to tell children they are born racist in this world. It is not acceptable to teach children that they are born racist. CRT is a systemic analysis that focuses on the whole system and not just the individual. Instead, it focuses on the role of each individual in that system. The message is being lost if it is reduced to teaching white children that they are born racists and have an active hand in oppressing others of color. READ MORE: The anti-CRT bill was passed by the Senate committee. Opponents claim that Mississippi currently has one course on CRT, called Critical Race Theory, which is taught at the University of Mississippi. Molly Minta, an education reporter, wrote about the class in an article entitled “Inside Mississippi’s only course on critical race theory”. This article tells the story of a young Republican woman that wrote to her legislators to criticize their decision to bring anti-CRT legislation to fruition after she took the class. CRT is not taught in Mississippi’s K-12 public schools, according to the Mississippi Department of Education. READ MORE: Mississippi’s only class in critical race theory. The House of Representatives approved the bill, “Critical Race Theory: Prohibit” on March 3. Geoff Pender, Bobby Harrison and Bobby Harrison reported that “After hours and hours of debate, it is still not clear what the final results of the three-page bill, if it is signed into law by Governor, will be.” Although the title of the bill says that it prohibits critical race theory teaching, the phrase is not in the legislation. Governor is currently in possession of the bill. Tate Reeves has been vocal against critical race theory. Mississippi, along with at least 14 other states, will ban or limit critical race theory in public school. READ MORE: VIEW OUR ENTIRE COVERAGE ABOUT CRITERIA THOUGHTS