/Democratic Party leader quashes effort to disqualify Howard Sherman

Democratic Party leader quashes effort to disqualify Howard Sherman

Sam Begley, Jackson attorney and Democratic voter, filed a petition with the state Democratic Party on Thursday, alleging that Sherman violates the constitution of the state Democratic Party and should be barred. Six Democrats have submitted for the June 5 primary, which will determine a challenger against incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Roger Wicker. Moak sent a text message to executive committee members Thursday afternoon, saying that he had double-checked with the Mississippi Secretary to confirm that March 1 was the deadline for qualifying candidates. “Therefore, the ten (10) days rule for a challenge passed March 11, 2018, so that the petition is out-of-time and will not be considered in the committee,” Moak said in a text message to the executive committee members on Thursday afternoon. Sherman, a venture capitalist in California, responded to the attempt to disqualify Wicker from the race in a statement sent to Mississippi Today. Sherman stated that the petition was “a weak attempt to stop our important cause by career politicians.” According to voter records, Sherman, who is the husband of Sela Ward (Mississippi actress) and has lived in California, has not voted in Mississippi. Begley asserts that Sherman doesn’t currently live in the state. Federal campaign finance records reveal that Sherman made the largest individual donation to Wicker in 2017. This includes previous donations to U.S. attorney general Jeff Sessions and ex-senator Trent Lott, both Republicans. Begley wrote in the petition to the executive committee that donating less than one year prior to his candidacy to another party official directly violates the constitution of the state Democratic Party. Begley stated to Mississippi Today that he was interested in the outcome of both Senate races. “We must have strong candidates in both the Senate and House races. “I was concerned about Mr. Sherman’s candidacy because he seems like he is spending money.” Sherman replied that he had owned Meridian for 25 years, and in 2000, Hope Village for Children, which is a Meridian facility for neglected or abused children. Sherman said that he donated to Wicker because of the possibility of Wicker being challenged by anti-establishment candidate Chris McDaniel in 2017. Sherman stated, “I gave to Senator Wicker because I faced, at that time, with a binary decision between Senator Wicker or Chris McDaniel. I knew that I had to do everything I could to stop Chris McDaniel’s dangerous and backward politics.” Sherman said, “But Mississippi must do better than both: Senator Wicker doesn’t get the job done for working families of Mississippi,” after The Clarion-Ledger reported Sherman had donated to Wicker last January. “This election is too crucial to send a Democratic candidate with little chance of beating a sitting U.S. In a campaign email, Baria wrote about Sherman on Thursday. “Senator with 25 years in Washington Swamp.” “I have been a Democrat in this state for more than a decade. I voted as a Democrat, and supported other Democrats. I also had the honor of being the Chairman of the Democratic Members of the House of Representatives, and leading the charge for causes we believe in as Democrats. “That’s why I’m the best candidate for Roger Wicker in Nov.” Wicker has been in the seat since 2008