/Due to pandemic, Cathead switches gears, produces hand sanitizer by the ton

Due to pandemic, Cathead switches gears, produces hand sanitizer by the ton

Cathead made a switch to temporary mode ten years later in the wake the Coronavirus pandemic. Cathead now makes hand sanitizer per tonne instead of vodka. Cathead and the City of Jackson partnered to make four 55-gallon drums of hand sanitizer free of charge on Tuesday. The sanitizer was needed to fight the virus and people were allowed to fill 12-ounce containers at four Jackson locations. Patrick stated that extremely high-proof alcohol is the main ingredient in the formula to make the hand sanitizer. That is obvious. We wanted to do something. We wanted to do something. Angel Knopp, head bookkeeper at Fondren Corner Market, said that a line formed around the building Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. The supply lasted for two hours. Patrick estimates that approximately 2,300 people were provided with the free sanitizer. Cathead will soon make more free sanitizer, he said Wednesday morning. Cathead has made a remarkable switch from making vodka to hand sanitizer. Patrick and Evans heard about hand sanitizers made in North Carolina by distilleries weeks before and started to investigate it. On March 18, they received the go-ahead of the federal government and started making the sanitizer. They switched to sanitizer production and stopped bottling Cathead liquors. They had produced 42 tons as of Tuesday. Patrick stated that most of the supply is sold to first responders like MEMA, Entergy and MDOT. Although all health officials have stated that hand sanitizer is equally effective as soap and water, it has not decreased the demand for the former. Patrick stated that Cathead’s main business is the direct sale of small-batch liquors to restaurants and bars in the Deep South. Demand was low after most of the affected businesses were closed. Patrick stated that it was logical to switch to hand sanitizer manufacturing and distribution. Patrick stated, “The Mayor (Chokwe antar) Lumumba and the city have been great to work with.” Lumumba, on the other hand, praised Cathead’s willingness to provide a desperately needed commodity. Patrick stated that 190 proof neutral grain alcohol is 80 percent of the formula for hand sanitizer. The alcohol is mixed in with lower amounts of hydrogen peroxide, glycerin and purified water. Patrick stated that high-proof sanitizer should not be consumed. This would be dangerous. It would be dangerous.