/Evans says he will work for whole district, Guest touts conservative values

Evans says he will work for whole district, Guest touts conservative values

Evans, a long shot in the heavily Republican-leaning district, took a calculated chance at the Neshoba County fair by trying to pit the district against Rankin County which is a Jackson suburb. Evans’ Republican nominee for the 3rd district race, Michael Guest from Rankin County, didn’t respond to his charges. Instead, he spoke about the importance and significance of national elections as Republicans struggle to keep their majority in Congress. When you look at this race, it’s not just my name and my opponent on the ballot. Guest spoke on a rare summer day under the tin roof pavilion for the annual political speech, which attracts media and observers from across the state. Guest stated that a number of issues, including “standing with our President, supporting his agenda, is on the November …. Control of Congress” were on the November ballot. He also mentioned the importance of maintaining Republican tax cuts and cutting regulations as crucial issues that could be at risk if Republicans lose their majority. Guest and Evans are running for the vacant U.S. House seat. Gregg Harper, a Rankin County Republican is retiring as the incumbent after holding the 3rd District position for 10 years. Harper spoke in what was likely his last Neshoba County speech. He said that he was glad Guest would succeed him as 3rd District U.S. House Member and expressed disappointment at Evans for not looking after the entire district. Harper stated that Evans should not have run for office if he was so unhappy. Evans claimed that the entire district, which includes the Neshoba county fairgrounds in east Mississippi, has not been benefited in recent years. Evans stated, “We will take care y’all people in Rankin County like we take care for everybody else.” “But the mafia down in Rankin County will not be running the 3rd Congressional District any more. It will be fair to everyone and we’ll put things in every part of the district.” Guest is the district attorney for Rankin, Madison and Madison counties. He defeated five other candidates earlier in the year to win the Republican nomination and is considered a strong favorite to win in November. He said to the Republican-dominated crowd, “I have been a conservative Republican all my life.” I believe in traditional family values. I believe in limited government. And I believe that protecting our constitutional rights is important.” Evans, who boasted his rural roots and highlighted his nickname for the state legislature of “Big Country”, referred to himself as a conservative Democrat who was anti-abortion and pro-guns. Evans also took aim at Lt. Governor during the speech. Tate Reeves, the widening and construction of Lakeland Drive in Rankin County, and the attempts to build a frontage road connecting Reeves’ neighborhood with a nearby shopping center. The project was called “tatertot expressway” by him. One area where there seemed to be significant differences between the candidates was immigration. Guest talked about building a wall to secure the border. Evans said that securing border borders is important, but added that immigrants are also important to chicken farmers and other rural residents. He said, “I am for securing border, but I am also for… getting things done so that immigrants can become citizens.”