/Federal board to host meeting on Gulf Coast Amtrak route

Federal board to host meeting on Gulf Coast Amtrak route

The Surface Transportation Board, a Washington, D.C.-based board, announced that it will host a public meeting on February 15 regarding the proposed route between New Orleans, Mobile, and Mississippi. Public comments will be allowed at the meeting which will be held on Zoom. The board will hold an evidence hearing on March 9 regarding the railway dispute between Amtrak, private companies and those who own or use the tracks. The board will make a decision about whether Amtrak will again run along the Coast. This hearing could continue into the next day. READ MORE: A federal board will decide whether Amtrak will return to the Gulf Coast. In March 2021 Amtrak filed a petition for access to the railroad tracks along the Gulf Coast. CSX, a freight operator, owns the tracks. Amtrak has been in conflict with the private sector over the use of those tracks for many years. Amtrak had hoped that the passenger route would be operational by January 1, 2022. CSX continues to research the track capacity before it is shared with Amtrak. Anyone wishing to make a public comment on this month’s hearing must file a notice with board before February 7.