/Mississippi mask mandate extended for 15 counties by Gov Reeves

Mississippi mask mandate extended for 15 counties by Gov Reeves

Benton, Carroll and DeSoto are the counties that have been given a mandate to wear masks because of high COVID-19 case numbers. Reeves stated in a statement that “I know we are all tired and ready for the next step.” The virus is still present. It continues to infect and kill. It’s getting better at handling it and allowing life to continue as normal. We’re not there yet.” Jones, Neshoba, and other counties were in the previous mask mandate that he issued in October. It expired Wednesday. They have been removed from his new list. Rankin County was included in the new mask mandate. Reeves announced via social media Tuesday that one of his youngest daughters had tested positive to COVID-19. Reeves stated that his entire family would be tested for COVID-19 and will all be isolated. Later, he tweeted: “Quick Update: Elee and the other girls tested negative once again. So did I. Maddie had a negative test yesterday too. We’ll be watching closely and being cautious. “I’ve felt and heard the outpouring prayers. They mean the world to Maddie, and all of you!” READ MORE: Gov. Tate Reeves’ daughter tested positive for COVID-19. Reeves advised Mississippians to keep their distance and wear masks. Reeves lifted the statewide mask mandate, making Mississippi the first state in the country to do so. He also relaxed restrictions on social gatherings. The number of cases has increased since then. Mississippi’s cases dropped by 54% during the mandate. Reeves was reluctant to issue a statewide order for masks in the summer. Instead, he took a county-by–county approach because state hospitals were getting overloaded. Reeves stated that it is more effective to issue mask orders and other restrictions in each county, as people are more likely pay attention to the orders and to heed them. Mississippi’s average daily COVID-19 case count topped 900 this week. It has continued to rise.