/Gov Tate Reeves and his family cut Spain trip short amid coronavirus outbreak

Gov Tate Reeves and his family cut Spain trip short amid coronavirus outbreak

Reeves is in Barcelona with his family this week to watch one of his daughters play in a soccer tournament. Before arriving in Barcelona, the first family had been to Paris with the soccer teams earlier in the week. As Europe, including Spain, tightened precautionary measures to stop the spread of coronavirus, the family will fly back to New York sooner than expected. This was also after Trump announced European travel restrictions on Wednesday night. Reeves’ staff stated that a private plane will pick up the Reeves family at New York Airport on Friday afternoon. The family will then fly back to Jackson. “Gov. “Gov. “None of his relatives have any signs and symptoms, but they will be closely monitored when he returns.” Trump announced that all travel from Europe to the United States would be suspended for 30 days. But his administration quickly clarified that this ban will only apply to non-U.S. citizens, not Americans who have been screened prior to entering the country. White stated to Mississippi Today that Reeves’ family has not been instructed by federal or state officials to self-quarantine after their return. White stated that the family will not receive coronavirus tests unless they are symptomatic. [Read Mississippi Today’s complete coverage of the coronavirus outbreak in Mississippi.] Reeves is currently in Spain and Mississippi officials confirmed Wednesday night the first case of the virus. In a Thursday morning news conference, health officials gave details to the media about the case and the precautions that the state is taking. Two Jackson-based youth soccer clubs have been participating in a tournament this week in Spain. According to social media posts, one of Reeves daughters is part of the team that has been travelling around Europe this week for training and games. Spanish authorities have cancelled flights to certain countries and closed all public schools and universities indefinitely due to confirmed coronavirus cases that have increased in number by the hundreds in recent days. Numerous large events, including the Barcelona Marathon scheduled for March 15, were cancelled. On Saturday, the Mississippi youth soccer teams went to a Barcelona FC soccer match at Camp Nou. This was the last match the professional football club allowed fans access before closing down the stadium for future matches due to the outbreak. Reeves held a press conference before he left and announced his trip. Reeves established a multi-agency task force in Mississippi, headed by Thomas Dobbs (State Health Officer), to combat the spread of the virus. Reeves reiterated that state officials are taking the coronavirus threat seriously and said that he had a plan in place prior to Reeves’ visit. White also stated that he has remained in close contact and in touch with Dr. Dobbs about the current situation in Mississippi. We put this plan in place because we knew that Mississippi would soon see positive cases. Everything is going exactly as planned.”