/Hattiesburg police camera rules proposed

Hattiesburg police camera rules proposed

Deborah Delgado, Ward 2 Councilwoman, said that she will make regulations regarding police surveillance equipment. This will allow the public to provide input on how local police acquire, fund and use it. WDAM reported that the Hattiesburg city council voted unanimously in June to spend $249410 on dash and body cameras. Mississippi Today reported that Delgado said she had not heard of any adverse consequences from the use of the cameras, and that her legislation was designed to protect citizens and police rights. “Governments have used surveillance in the past to suppress free speech and intimidate political leaders. They also track individuals and communities. These technologies are used disproportionately to target communities of colour and low-income communities,” Delgado stated in a press release issued by the ACLU. The ACLU is working with many cities to bring similar bills to national shores. Hattiesburg is the only Mississippi city included in the first wave cities that have adopted surveillance ordinances. Jennifer Riley-Collins is the executive director of ACLU of Mississippi. She stated in a statement, “The use of surveillance by the local police has been expanding unchecked throughout the country without regard to the communities that they purportly serve.” Delgado plans to introduce the bill at an October 4 work session. This will include the opportunity for public comments.