/It could backfire’ Trent Lott, reminiscing on 1999 Clinton impeachment, blisters House Dems over Trump impeachment inquiry

It could backfire’ Trent Lott, reminiscing on 1999 Clinton impeachment, blisters House Dems over Trump impeachment inquiry

Lott was a member of the House Judiciary Committee in 1974. This committee considered impeachment articles against President Richard Nixon. In 1999, Lott was elected Senate majority leader. He also presided over President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial. Lott, in a lengthy phone interview with Mississippi Today on Tuesday evening, criticized Democrats for hurrying the impeachment proceedings. Lott stated, “This is not good news for the country.” “Always wait to see the evidence. What did Trump say? Did it seem out of order? Let’s see if it was an error or not. They could be hurt by it. Although I’m not certain it will, having seen two of these proceedings, I urge caution.” The House’s Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday that they would open an impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump. She said that Trump asked the president of Ukraine for a corruption investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden, and his son. Biden, a top contender for 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, could be facing Trump next year. Trump’s admission is coming as the White House withholds a whistleblower complaint by Congress. It reportedly centers around Trump’s conversation regarding the Bidens with the Ukrainian president. Lott stated that the United States presidents speak to world leaders every day and raised “some serious questions” about the relationship between the Bidens and the Ukrainians in Tuesday’s interview. Lott referred to the Senate impeachment trial of Clinton 1999 when he was asked about Tuesday’s news and how it might impact the 2020 presidential race. Lott stated that it was difficult to predict the outcome of next year’s race. “But, as you will recall from the Clinton proceedings (Clinton)’s favorable ratings actually increased. It wasn’t a good thing for the country, or for Republicans.” Mississippi’s current congressional delegation started weighing in Tuesday evening. Steven Palazzo and Michael Guest, both Republican Congressmen, criticized their Democratic counterparts. Palazzo released a statement saying that this was the worst political attack he’s seen since joining Congress. “Pelosi, her cronies and the rest of their comrades have been waiting for this moment since President Trump was sworn in. I believe that President Trump has nothing to hide, and that the investigation is part of a liberal witch hunt against him. “This is a sad moment for our country,” Guest stated in a statement. He said that Democrats in Congress had repeatedly relied upon unfounded claims in order to fulfill their wish to impeach a president elected democratically by the American people. “I have no confidence that this inquiry was motivated by anything else than the political games that so few in the Democratic Party prefer to their responsibility to the nation.” Trent Kelly, Republican Congressman and Democratic Congressman Bennie Thompson did not respond to our Tuesday requests for comment. U.S. Sens. U.S. Sens.