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Jimmy Edwards Bio

To learn more about November 3, 2018, visit our 2020 Voter Guide. Jimmy Edwards, Grenada, is running for the United States Senate Seat. Edwards, a Libertarian candidate is challenging Cindy Hyde Smith, the Republican incumbent, and Mike Espy, the Democrat. Edwards, 56 years old, claims he is an independent contractor. He is also a former teacher, and customer service agent. This is Edwards’ first attempt at elected office. What role should Congress have in the coronavirus response effort? Jimmy Edwards: They should encourage the local governments and counties to decide what level of protection they should provide. There are different levels of coronavirus cases in each state, county, or parish. These decisions must be made. Are there safeguards that can be used to reduce the national debt? Jimmy Edwards: To limit the national debt, it is important to reduce spending and find creative ways to increase revenue. Is it possible for a president to declare war on another country or send troops into battle without the approval of Congress? Jimmy Edwards. The War Powers Act must be applied by all three branches of government. Moreover, it is imperative that all undeclared wars/military activities be stopped immediately. My answer is “No”. Which are your top healthcare priorities? Jimmy Edwards: To repeal Obamacare and allow states to manage healthcare exchanges, give Medicaid to the most vulnerable, offer Medicaid to the poorest, make it more affordable for people who are eligible for Medicare B, encourage medical graduates to join the Reserves/National Guard, while providing healthcare for the most needy. What are your priorities in public education? Jimmy Edwards: Eliminate the Department of Education in 10 years of your election, provide funding for career education, remedial instruction in mathematics and language arts, tax credits for families that choose not to send their children to public school, and allow for exemptions for Selective Service registrations for high-achieving high-school graduates. Your thoughts on the current debate about funding police? Jimmy Edwards: It will be a dangerous precedent if cities allow their police departments to be defunded. This would also affect law enforcement at the state, county/parish, and state levels. The 2nd Amendment’s “well-armed militia” must be applied to civil law enforcement, as well as our Armed Forces. Are you a believer in criminal justice reform? What reforms would your support if you agreed? Jimmy Edwards: All reforms must be implemented at all levels, including the county/parish and city. This is a 10th Amendment issue and must be dealt with at these levels. Recently, the Mississippi Legislature voted to take down the state flag and confederate emblem. This was in contrast to placing that decision before voters. Is this something you agree with or disagree with? Jimmy Edwards: In this area, the Governor has taken unilateral action without consulting his legislative branch. This action and other recent decisions that he made in recent months can be considered as an “Executive Order”. He has done so without taking into account legislation from almost 20 years ago. Do you, a Mississippian think that the old state flag should be on the ballot to allow for the people’s vote? Jimmy Edwards: Yes. What are your thoughts on the removal of confederate monuments throughout the South and the nation? Jimmy Edwards: These actions were a knee-jerk response based on groups who will not forgive previous generations of Americans for events that took place hundreds of years ago. We would love to hear your opinions on any of the issues that we haven’t mentioned.