/Lottery scratch-off ticket sales start Dec 1 with multi-state games expected to follow in early 2020

Lottery scratch-off ticket sales start Dec 1 with multi-state games expected to follow in early 2020

Governor Phil Bryant signed Senate Bill 2001, the Alyce G. Clarke Mississippi Lottery Law. Phil Bryant August 2018. Phil Bryant August 2018. Based on the revenue from neighboring states, experts have calculated that the lottery will make less than $100 million. Apart from lottery revenue, state lawmakers directed sports betting revenue to infrastructure needs. Mississippi Today reported that $25.4 million had been received from sports betting through April. Mississippi Lottery Corporation president Tom Shaheen stated that scratch-off tickets will not be launched for the Dec. 1 lottery launch. Powerball and other multistate lottery games are expected to start in the first quarter 2020. The Mississippi Lottery Corporation issued requests last month for proposals from companies for creating an online lottery system and an instant lottery game service. The Mississippi Lottery Corporation stated in a June press release that the “requests for propositions” are directed at identifying lottery industry veterans to help with the provision online lottery game products and services. This would allow for the sale drawing-style lottery games like Powerball and Mega Millions at retail outlets and instant scratch-off lottery game services. Shaheen stated that companies who submit proposals to the online lottery gaming system should create and maintain an informational website. This site would provide information about the lottery for players as well as retailers. Companies will need to create, store, and distribute scratch-off tickets at retail locations in order to offer instant ticket lottery games. August 2 is the deadline for proposals. The Mississippi Lottery Corporation’s Board of Directors is responsible for its management. Five members were appointed by Governor Bill Haslam with the guidance of the State Senate. The rest of the board is made up of the Commissioner of Revenue and the Mississippi State Treasurer.