/Auditor says a professor broke state law The professor is now suing the auditor for defamation

Auditor says a professor broke state law The professor is now suing the auditor for defamation

Nonprofit Mississippi News: A group representing Thomas sued White after Shad White, the state auditor, publicly stated that University of Mississippi professor James Thomas had violated the no-strike state law. Thomas is a controversial sociology professor. He has often drawn the ire of top Republican elected officials. On Wednesday, an organization representing Thomas filed a defamation lawsuit related to White’s “repeated contentions” that Thomas had violated Mississippi’s No-Strike Law. Thomas was part of the national “Scholar Strike” protest against police brutality and other racial injustices. Thomas called it a work stoppage on Twitter. In a December letter, White demanded Thomas pay more than $2,000 in taxpayers’ dollars after state investigators subpoenaed Thomas’ emails and classroom materials. White wrote that strikes and “concerted workstoppages” are against Mississippi law. READ MORE: Auditor demands $2,000 from UM professor who took a leave of absence to protest racial inequalities. On Wednesday, the Mississippi Center for Justice filed the lawsuit for Thomas. It also seeks a declaratory judgement from the court stating that Thomas did in fact not violate the law. The lawsuit was filed in Hinds County Circuit Court. It states that White falsely accused Thomas of violating Mississippi’s law against certain public employees strikes and asked the University to terminate Thomas’ employment. “This lawsuit was filed on behalf Thomas. This lawsuit seeks to hold White responsible under the law against defamation for his false statement. Dr. Thomas doesn’t seek any payment from the taxpayer. The defamation suit against Mr. White is filed in his personal capacity. The jury will decide if Mr. White is liable for making this false statement. The jury can decide that he should pay only one dollar. It is also fine if the jury decides to pay more money. White stated on Wednesday that Dr. Thomas will not be paid any taxpayer money as a result.