/One of these five designs could become the new Mississippi state flag

One of these five designs could become the new Mississippi state flag

The five designs, which were modified by the commission on Tuesday morning, will be made available to the public on the Mississippi Department of Archives and History’s website later Tuesday. Nearly 3,000 public submissions were reviewed by the commission for a new state-flag design. The commission narrowed down the field to nine designs last week and invited public input via an online vote. Reuben Anderson, Chairman of the Commission, noted Tuesday that over 48,000 people had voted. Anderson stated, “That’s a great sign that Mississippians are interested in what we do.” We won’t disappoint them. We’ll put forth the best flag we have.” Mississippi was admitted to the Union as the 20th state in 1817. The finalist designs include 21 stars, which includes the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Natives and other native people. Many have a main Star that features a large diamond shape. This is a powerful symbol for the Choctaw. When the commission meets again, it will print five final designs and fly them on flags in front of Jackson’s Old Capitol. On Sept. 2, the commission will choose one design to present to voters for their November ballot. READER POLL: Which flag design is your favorite? After decades of debate, the Mississippi Legislature voted in June to take down the 1894 state flag and its divisive Confederate battle symbol. It created the commission to select a new flag that will be presented to voters on the Nov. 3. ballot. The new design is up to the voters to approve or reject. If voters reject the design, they can go back to the drawing boards and present a new design next year to the voters. The new flag must include the words “In God we Trust” and it is prohibited to depict Confederate battle flag imagery.