/MAGA hats BLM shirts What Mississippians can and can’t wear to the polls and other helpful tips

MAGA hats BLM shirts What Mississippians can and can’t wear to the polls and other helpful tips

These are some rules and tips for Mississippi voters who want to prepare to vote. * The polls will open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. in all states. The law in Mississippi states that anyone who is waiting to vote by 7 p.m. is allowed to vote, even if the polls close. Visit the Polling Place Locator of the Secretary of State to ensure you know where to vote. * Secretary of State Michael Watson advised that people who want to avoid long lines during the COVID-19 pandemic should not go to the polls during the early morning, lunch or after 5 p.m. Watson and Gov. Tate Reeves and Watson both believe that such a mandate would violate the Constitution of voting rights. However, the federal district court covering Mississippi has ruled it not unconstitutional. * Poll managers may ask you to stand six feet back and pull your mask down briefly so your identity can be confirmed. READ MORE: Common questions asked by our readers about voting. * The mask-wearing poll workers will be required at all precincts. Additional workers are also needed to follow social distancing guidelines, as well as to keep the machines and the polls clean. A government-issued photo ID is required for all voters. Those without an ID can vote. They will be allowed to vote for five days, but they must show proof of identification to the county circuit clerk. If you need to vote curbside due to COVID-19 concerns or any other reason, please call your local circuit clerk. The secretary of state’s website has the telephone numbers for circuit clerks. * People who are not registered to vote can submit an affidavit to request their right to vote. They will also have five days to resolve any issues. Watson has issued a new rule that curbside voting must be made available to anyone with symptoms of COVID-19. This includes coughing, headaches and fever. A new rule states that election officials must inform a voter about any problems with an absentee ballot signature and give the voter the opportunity to correct the issue. A “absentee remedy form” must be sent to the voters by email, mail, or fax within one day. The voter then has 10 days to rectify the problem. * Anyone with questions about their voting rights can visit the website of the secretary-of-state’s polling place locator. To answer any questions related to elections, the office has a telephone number at 1-800-829-67686. Questions about the election can also be answered by county circuit clerks. * Campaign-related clothing and caps are not allowed at the polling station. Campaigners for an issue or person on the ballot must stay at least 150 feet away from the polling station. Watson stated that this rule only applies to signs or clothing that relate to “anything on the ballot.” However, Watson did not say whether it would prohibit any other messaging that is not up for a vote. Any candidate-specific gear, such as MAGA or Biden caps, are not allowed. However, generic “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts are allowed. ELECTION 2020: Mississippi Today Voter’s Guide. To support this work, you can make a recurring gift today to celebrate our Spring Member Drive. This will allow us to continue important work such as this one.