/McRae wins Republican nomination for treasurer

McRae wins Republican nomination for treasurer

McRae donated $1.7million to his campaign and spent nearly $1 million on television ads. He unsuccessfully tried for the nomination against Lynn Fitch, current state Treasurer. “There is nothing I would change about the primary campaign. McRae stated in a statement that the team worked hard, held events across 40 counties, and created a strong grassroots network throughout the state. “Mississippi Republicans said they wanted fresh faces and new ideas at the State Treasury. Clarke’s campaign focused primarily on his four terms as a legislator and two years as the head of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Clarke’s extensive experience won him the support of some established Republicans like former Gov. Haley Barbour’s fundraising efforts were almost entirely dependent on individual donors. They did not match McRae’s and reached a high of $350,000 at the end July. “I am proud of the campaign. Clarke shared his pride with Mississippi Today. “We ran hard, circled the state and met many good people,” Clarke said. “And I feel good about the state moving forward.” McRae also invested his own money into his 2015 campaign, though the amount–approximately $400,000–was far short of his 2019 investment. McRae produced six commercials for 2019, including one with Gov. Phil Bryant’s endorsement and the purchase of airtime in all eight Mississippi media market. “Self-funding allowed me to be myself and not be held responsible to anyone. McRae explained to Mississippi Today that self-funding allowed him to be free and express his views on how Mississippi should improve. It’s made other people realize that I am investing my own money so they can see the value in me. “They think that I must be passionate about moving Mississippi in a better way.” McRae will face Addie LeeGreen in November. Green, an ex-alderwoman from Bolton ran unopposed to the Democratic nomination. She has raised approximately $1,500 so far. McRae explained to Mississippi Today that the role of treasurer is similar to McRae Investments’ private sector job. McRae stated that he would bring transparency to the office by releasing reports showing how investments are performing. The treasurer’s job is to manage the investments of the state. It grows the piggy bank. It’s more than just counting the money in the piggybank… That’s what my job entails every day. McRae stated that he knows how to profit from Wall Street and when a deal is good. McRae also serves on the State Treasurer’s Board, which includes the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and the state License Plate Commission. He also manages the college savings account.