/Mississippi GOP chairman Now is the time to change the state flag

Mississippi GOP chairman Now is the time to change the state flag

Smith’s statement seems to be different from Gov. Tate Reeves has not said whether he supports changing of flag. Reeves has stated that any flag change should be decided by the people and not elected legislators. Reeves, however, indicated that he would not veto any legislative flag change on Wednesday night. The flag change is supported by the Legislature by the state Democratic Party and Bobby Moak, its chairman. On June 19, the party released a statement pledging support for changing the flag. Although the Democratic Party has been leading the effort to change the flag for many years, Moak and sometimes the Democratic Party itself have come under fire for not being willing to stand firm on it. This is especially true when it comes to the Legislature changing the flag without a popular referendum. Moak claimed that any past hesitation was due to the party standing behind its elected officials, and not in front. He also stated that the Democratic Party is united on the flag change and that lawmakers should do it now.