/Mississippi Republicans, longtime staunch Trump wall supporters, praise government reopening without border funding

Mississippi Republicans, longtime staunch Trump wall supporters, praise government reopening without border funding

Friday morning saw the agreement to end the longest federal shut down in history pass unanimously in both chambers of Congress. It was just one day after U.S. Senators. Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde Smith voted against the Democratic proposal to reopen government. They cited the lack of funding for the border-wall. Hyde-Smith, Wicker supported a different bill on Thursday that included President Donald Trump’s requested $5.7 billion for border security. This included a wall. Those border-security funds were not included in the Democratic Party-backed bill. Both failed. Both failed. Hyde-Smith released a statement on Friday, saying that he respected the President’s decision “to reopen closed sections of the federal government” and to end the hardship caused by the shutdown for many people in Mississippi. We’ll have three weeks for cooperation to finish the 2019 appropriations process, which includes funding for stronger border security. This will require Democrats and Republicans to negotiate in good-faith with President Trump, Republicans for the common benefit of our citizens.” Wicker also made public statements regarding the need to tighten the U.S. border. He said that he expected Democrats to soften their stance on the border security issue over the coming weeks. “Several Democrats in the House, Senate and Senate have publicly stated that they would work with the President to reopen the government. Wicker stated in a Friday statement that congressional Democrats would have the opportunity to fulfill their promises by making an agreement with President Trump. Hyde-Smith introduced a bill to fund the president’s request for border security with funds from tariffs on China. Hyde-Smith tweeted Thursday that “This is a reasonable usage of tariff monies” and that it would get us over the dispute about who pays for security upgrades and border barriers. U.S. Rep. Steve Palazzo is a vocal supporter of the wall. He also wrote a bill to fund the wall using government bonds. This was in reference to the plan to close the shutdown. While we temporarily fund the government, we cannot lose sight of the need for greater border security. Palazzo stated that while I was happy to see federal workers and contractors back to work, the shutdown “emphasizes the urgent need to take immediate action to regain operational control over the southern border.” Palazzo previously stated that any compromise to reopen the government must include security at the border. Our number one constitutional responsibility as members of Congress is to ensure the nation’s defense. In an Instagram post, Palazzo stated that border security is part of the constitutional commitment to which we have all sworn, Democrats and Republicans. He said this in an Instagram post just before Congress voted for the end to the shutdown. The shutdown was not ended by the Republican U.S. Reps. Trent Kelly or Michael Guest. Their offices didn’t immediately respond to inquiries for comment. Mississippi’s lone Democrat, U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson (House Homeland Security Committee Chair), stated that Democrats are unlikely to support Trump’s wall even though they have three weeks to negotiate. To be clear, the President will not be allowed to continue down this path again next month. Thompson stated that Democrats are committed to border security, but will only allow taxpayer funds to be used for border security measures that actually make a difference.