/Mississippi Senate proposes more pay for lawmakers

Mississippi Senate proposes more pay for lawmakers

Part-time legislators in Mississippi are paid $23,500 per year, although many make between $40,000 to $50,000 per year in salary, reimbursements, and other payments. The total annual compensation for some lawmakers is approximately $70,000 The $23,500 salary includes a $10,000 base salary and $1,500 per month for expenses related to office work during non-sessional months. This despite the fact most legislators have other jobs and do not have separate legislative offices. Many depend on Capitol staffers for administrative support year round. The $1,500 per month office payment is not available to lawmakers when the Legislature meets. The Legislature usually meets for four months in the first year, and then three months each subsequent three years. Senate Bill 2794 would pay $1,500 to lawmakers in the months that the Legislature is not in session. For each day that they spend in Jackson, lawmakers receive $150 per diem (living expenses) and mileage reimbursement at the current federal rate of 58 cents per mile. Each member is allowed to spend at least four days at the Capitol each month, while vice chairs are permitted to stay for six and vice chairs five days. Additional days must be approved. The Senate bill is now headed to the House for consideration. Only a few senators wanted to count as a no vote.