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Mississippi Stories Pam Confer

This episode of Mississippi Stories features Marshall Ramsey, Mississippi Today Editor at Large, and Pam Confer. Pam Confer is a bilingual, international award-winning singer, song-writer and speaker. She is a native Mississippian with a smile that moves the world. Her voice can be described as smooth jazzy, with a touch of soul. With her band Jazz Beautiful, she was named the 2015 Mississippi Jazz Foundation’s “Jazz Ambassadors of the Year”. She also wrote and performed “Mississippi Beautiful,” a song that has quickly become a popular and unifying piece in Mississippi. “Mississippi Beautiful,” which is permanently displayed in Gallery 8 at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, is also on display. Pam, a self-described “Joy Scout”, talks about positivity and empathy. She also highlights the beauty that all Mississippians have. Be prepared to be inspired. Marshall Ramsey talks with Sammy Moon (executive director of the Mississippi Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy).