/Mt Teaira Let’s see if she erupts Sunday against Oregon

Mt Teaira Let’s see if she erupts Sunday against Oregon

You might wonder what this sports writer is doing with all that. It’s funny to ask. Kelly Graves, Oregon’s coach, brought up Mt. Hood made a point about State’s All American center Teaira McCowan. Graves was asked about his defensive strategies against State. He replied, “Obviously, you start with Teaira in. She is an amazing player and a powerful force. Mt. You can see Mt. She’s amazing, I swear.” McCowan, the NCAA Tournament’s leading rebounder, was nothing short of incredible when State faced Oregon at the Eugene campus in December. McCowan was held to just five points and five shots by the Ducks in only 34 minutes. McCowan was placed on the bench, not due to fouls. She only had two. Vic Schaefer pulled her from the team because she was ineffective. Oregon beat State 92-84 in Oregon, one of two losses for the Bulldogs this season. McCowan was thrown everything at Oregon that night, even the kitchen sink. McCowan was sagging in both the 2-3 and 3-2 zones. They used a man to-man system, but McCowan won the ball. They used a box and one. McCowan hasn’t had many bad games. This one was a disaster. You can get an idea of Oregon’s success by watching State’s win over Arizona State Friday night. They leaned on her and pushed her, twice as high as she was, and then tripled her. Mt. Hood, the volcano hasn’t erupted in any significant amount in 200 years. McCowan almost erupted that night. Schaefer stated, “That was a frustrating evening for all of us. Certainly for her.” McCowan stated, “It was just an awful game on my side.” Their defense is quite swarming. They tried to throw everything at me, and I didn’t respond as quickly as usual. So, I think I have to be ready for whatever they throw at me.” McCowan might say, “Well what can you expect?” They hammered my.” You get the impression that McCowan would love for State coaches to vent about McCowan’s abuse in the paint. Schaefer stated that Schaefer had once said, “Y’all want to ask me about another thing.” Schaefer said that “Y’all are trying to get my in trouble.” Schaefer also stated, “Y’all saw last night. For that child, it’s the same every night. It’s like being beaten on and pounded all night. The child can’t take any more shots (for pain). She cannot have any more. My trainer must do the job with heat or ice. It’s been difficult for her throughout her career. McCowan has learned to manage it better. In the first half against Arizona State, she had just one shot and only two points. You didn’t notice the frustration she showed earlier in the season. She continued to play, kept taking in the hits, and she won the game scoring 15 of her 22 points for the fourth quarter. Schaefer stated that many seniors stop listening to the second half of their season. They think they are experts. Tea continues to improve as a player. She has improved herself.” She must play well on Sunday. All Bulldogs will. Oregon, Pac-12 champions at 32-4, will have the support of approximately 11,000 fans. This is in contrast to the 1,000 State fans who made the long journey. They will have to deal with Sabrina Ionescu (or Oregon’s All American guard), who scored 29 points in their last game, including 17 of 17 foul line attempts. Jordan Danberry, who has previously fouled out against Oregon, will likely draw that assignment. The game’s key is how it plays out, and what is allowed to occur in the paint. McCowan is aware of what’s to come. What will the government do? How will McCowan handle this? It’s not an easy question to answer, but it is clear that McCowan must address the issue. Hood to the East on clear days.