/Orey Dueling narratives on race in America could affect outcome of Senate race

Orey Dueling narratives on race in America could affect outcome of Senate race

D’Andra Orey is a Jackson State University professor of political science. She said that Espy’s success in focusing on race during 2020 Senate elections could be affected by the narrative voters choose. “Espy (and Hyde-Smith), enter the contest where race has been a prominent issue so neither candidate will have to use such language on the stump.” I expect each candidate to use this language when speaking with their base. Espy will not be able to address his base without mentioning race-specific topics such as Breonna Taylor’s death or George Floyd’s deaths. Hyde-Smith will, however, be expected to mention the need for law enforcement.” Orey stated that many of the events following the shootings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in Minnesota have been framed differently by different political ideologies. Orey stated that some might see George Floyd’s murder as a clear disregard for human life. It is difficult to justify Floyd’s death based upon what has been revealed to the public. They view the protests as rioting and not as uprisings. These protests are viewed in a similar way to the Boston Tea Party and the unavoidable violence during American Revolution.” Orey added: “But Floyd’s death has also revealed stark racial and social disparities that severely impact African Americans. People who view race relations from a more conservative perspective may have seen the violence as riots and looting being perpetrated by ‘thugs’. Click here to go back to the expert opinions.