/Partying in the pandemic Gov Reeves says mansion parties will adhere to COVID-19 orders

Partying in the pandemic Gov Reeves says mansion parties will adhere to COVID-19 orders

Reeves hosts several Christmas parties at Governor’s Mansion despite warnings by state health experts against such gatherings, and governor’s own orders restricting the number of persons allowed to such events. Bailey Martin, spokeswoman for the Governor, stated that the First Lady and Governor have delayed or cancelled many events at the Mansion this year, including the 1st Friday Christmas Candlelighters and their daughter’s 16th Birthday party. She also said that they only continue with events that are safe — in accordance with the governor’s executive order. These events are smaller than the public tours and allow for 10 people indoors to view the museum/decorations. Reeves issued executive orders in recent weeks for 54 of Mississippi’s 80 counties. These orders require the wearing of masks in public, and that gatherings be limited to 10 indoors and 50 outdoors. Reeves plans separate parties at the mansion to accommodate the 52-member Senate, 122-member state House and elected officials from across the state and district. Martin stated that he also plans Christmas receptions for “a small number of the governor’s closest friends and most loyal supporters”. Martin said that this follows a fundraiser for Reeves held last week by an executive from a hospital at his Coast home for more than twenty people. Reeves was criticized for his plans and for taking photos at Republican events in Washington, D.C. and North Carolina without a mask, while Mississippi was wearing masks and following crowd limit orders. READ MORE: Gov. Tate Reeves plans Christmas parties, despite having to obey his own orders and record COVID-19 figures. Reeves is listed as a headliner along with Lt. Governor. Delbert Hosemann is the headliner at a fundraiser for state senator Briggs Hopson in Jackson. A spokeswoman for Hosemann stated that he was not going to be there — Reeves may not — and Hopson indicated Tuesday that it could be cancelled. Hopson stated that he planned the event and had sent out invitations before any suggestions that could have affected gatherings. Hopson also said Tuesday that he might cancel the fundraiser. Governor Delbert Hosemann will host a reception in honor of Senator Briggs Hopson. Tickets cost $200-$2,500 depending on the sponsorship level. READ MORE: Governor Delbert Hosemann hosts an in-person fundraiser at a major Mississippi hospital. Tate Reeves.