/People, Politics, and the Press event to highlight civic engagement

People, Politics, and the Press event to highlight civic engagement

JACKSON, Miss. JACKSON, Miss. — A special summit will feature nationally-respected journalists and political commentators as well as a variety of Mississippi journalists. The summit will focus on journalism’s vital role in democracy and the challenges it faces today in the age of politics and social networking. The summit “People, Politics, and the Press” will take place Saturday, July 14, 2018 at the Two Mississippi Museums, Jackson. The Mississippi Humanities Council and Mississippi Public Broadcasting present the summit, as well as the Mississippi Press Association Education Foundation (Mississippi Press Association Education Foundation), the Clarion Ledger and Mississippi Today. The event’s moderators and speakers include Yamiche Alcindor (NBC News correspondent), Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith (New York Times national political correspondent Jonathan Martin), Randall Pinkston (longtime CBS News correspondent), and Yamiche Alcindor (NBC News contributor). Stuart Rockoff, the Executive Director of Mississippi Humanities Council, stated that this program was part of a special initiative which was funded by the Mellon Foundation. It is administered by state humanities boards to examine the critical role journalism plays in creating informed citizens. The agenda also includes keynote speeches and panel discussions about the work and challenges of local newspapers in Mississippi. It will cover politics at the state Capitol and the debate on fake news and public trust in media. Ronnie Agnew, Executive Director of MPB, stated that this initiative was a response to the current challenges faced by the mainstream media in a political and cultural climate. More than a dozen Mississippi journalists from organizations such as the Associated Press and Clarion Ledger will be participating.